Admittedly a review section of someone’s website is going to be a bit biased, so if you’d like to see some places where people have willfully left reviews (or you would like to leave one) please take a look at:

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Below are some of the highlights taken directly from those sites 🙂

Jenny + Keith | Wedding | Detroit, Michigan


Russell is a true professional. His portfolio demonstrates his skill in taking creative, well-composed photographs, but it doesn’t do justice to quality of the service he provides. Russell encouraged us to be ourselves and captured our best moments together. He guided us through poses that made us look our best, but allowed us to stay true to who we are. For instance, our formal clothes were no match for the 50-degree October weather, and yet Russell moved the process along with the right balance of humor and encouragement without taking so long that our fingers froze off 🙂 With our large group photographs, he was able to quickly and politely managed us so that the photographs looked great and we weren’t forced to forego any photo opportunities due to lack of time. It was a pleasure to have him at our wedding and we love how our photographs turned out. I can’t recommend Russell highly enough– both for his amazing photography and his consummate professionalism.

Wendy + Nick | Wedding  |  Los Olivos, CA


R – Ridiculously talented

U – Unusually patient

S – Super professional

S – Sense of humor rocks

E – Excellent service

L – Lovely guy

L – Likely the best part of our wedding day

I’ve written an acrostic poem for Russell because he’s that special of a dude. He shot our engagement and wedding photos, and I wish I could express how awesome they came out. He’s knowledgeable, professional, and as previously mentioned, ridiculously talented. Thanks so much for being you, Russ!

Alice + Andrew | Wedding | Convict Lake, CA


Talented. Hard-working. Enthusiastic. Professional.  I could continue with a long list describing Russell and his wondrous ways; simply put, he is, as someone else mentioned here, as good as it gets.  My wife and I were blessed to have him photograph our wedding in the Eastern Sierras (and our engagement photos), and have been absolutely blown away with not only the finished product (i.e. AMAZING PHOTOS!) but he’s demeanor throughout the weekend.  Russell has the unique ability to have a clear vision of what he wants while being flexible enough to go with the flow and read the situation. Really easy to work with throughout the whole process, from start to finish.  Looking through the photos, again and again, we have found ourselves saying, “wow, he captured (fill in name)’s essence perfectly!”  As fast as the whole weekend went, we’re so grateful to have all these amazing images to look back on for years to come.

Jennifer + Suku | Wedding | Big Sur, California


“OK, I need you both to stand real still for about a minute.  Don’t move, OK???”
“OK, Russ.”
My husband and I stood, our heads slightly touching eachother, embraced in a hug.  Then, without warning, Russ, armed with a lit sparkler, started half duck-walking, half running around us in a very quick motion.  Zig zagging, arms swaying, bits of sparks from the sparklers falling all around us, Russ became a blur.  We whispered through our teeth, I wonder what this picture will look like….

“OK guys, you can move,” Russ said.

We went to the other side of his camera to look at the scene that was just captured.  Our jaws immediately dropped.


The picture was amazing.  When my sister first saw the picture, she thought that the heart shaped light over our heads and the zig zags around us in the picture were after effects that Russ added while processing the photo.  I explained the process in which he created the photo and she was also in disbelief.

Russ is not just a photographer.  Russ is an artist.  His pictures are works of art.  He captures moments that you wish you would have seen but are so thankful that he caught them.  He has a unique perspective and finds beauty in ordinary things.  But best of all, he blends right in.  He is a joy to have around.  He calmed my nerves before my wedding.  He made me feel relaxed.  He also allows your individuality to shine through the pictures.

We had the privilege of having Russ at both our wedding and at our engagement shoot.  The photos were beautiful.  He captured us so well.  I can’t wait for another opportunity to hire him again!  If you are contemplating working with Russ, just do it.  You won’t regret it!!!!  Love him