Engagement Sessions are great – you can use them for Save the Dates, Facebook profile pictures, an excuse for a practice makeup session with your MUA, decoration at the wedding, and/or a chance to work with me before the nerves of the wedding day – BUT they’re also this amazing opportunity to document your relationship and the results when we’re done are fantastic

I’m not a big fan of cheesy and overproduced looking photos – I want these to be true to you and to look and feel the way that you want

This document has some tips on how to have a great shoot, but remember that the most important element is to get out of your head and enjoy each other’s company the way you always do. Don’t worry about what other couples do or taking a bad photo – be open to the reality that you just might enjoy yourself 😀


Think about the aesthetic that you want and best represents the mood that you’re envisioning — if you want moody and romantic and elegant don’t wear workout clothes

Color-coordinated and simple — think about what you’ll both be wearing, not just one of you, and overly distracting patterns and crazy colors takes the attention from you. Too much of really bright colors (including white) probably isn’t ideal either

Authentic is best. Wear clothing that represents you — no one looks good wearing something that they feel unnatural in

Clothing that you’re ok with sitting down in or getting a little dirty helps expand the types of places we can go — if we’re going to be hiking somewhere you might want to reconsider those heels

Bring warm clothes too and/or shawl — When the sun goes down or the fog rolls in you want to be prepared and make sure your hairdo can withstand some wind if we’re going somewhere that might be windy

Iron clothes — wrinkles are noticeable in photos

If you’re wearing a long-sleeve button-up shirt make sure to not wear a short-sleeve undershirt. If the undershirt is a different length it will be noticeable, so either forgo an undershirt, wear a tank top, or a long-sleeve undershirt.


Try to put yourself in a loose and fun headspace. Sometimes people enjoy taking a drink of an adult beverage before showing up 🙂

Take it easy and be yourself! It’s about mood, not a particular pose.

Think about how you are as a couple – are you silly, romantic, fun, adventurous, all of the above? Let me know if there’s a particular aspect you’d prefer more focus on

Don’t stress specific photos coming out or not coming out, this is different from a wedding – we get to take our time and if you don’t like a photo you never need to see it again

Make sure to eat beforehand – nothing kills the mood like being hangry

Remember that this is supposed to be fun 🙂