Associate Photographers

So you might be asking yourself – “what on earth is an Associate Photographer? and why would I want to have one photograph my wedding?”

Well that’s an excellent series of questions, you should be proud of yourself right now for asking them.

For our purposes, an Associate Photographer is kind of like a surrogate photographer (“Surrogate Photographer” just doesn’t have the same ring to it). And you might want to consider one if you realllllly love Russ’s style of photography, but Russ just isn’t available to do your shoot, or maybe is a bit out of your budget.

In practical terms this means that you’ll still be interacting primarily with me…me, Russ…you know…of Russ Levi Photography fame…the site you’re currently on. I’ll be handling the contracting, scheduling, and delivering images and albums to you. In essence you will be getting a similar quality product and output. The main difference between just hiring me and hiring one of my Associate Photographers – and stay with me, because it’s a pretty big one – is that a different photographer will be shooting your wedding *Gasp*

I know, it sounds scary, but take a big breath because and a sip of your lemonade because it’s really great. First off, you get to pick the photographer (determined on availability) and still get to interact with them to see if you get along and pass them super important information on the wedding day. Russ will be handling all of the boring back end stuff.

My Associate Photographers have worked with me extensively and some have even been trained by me. Because of that, and that I’m still handling the final output you still get a quality product, and for less. It’s not the exact same thing as having me photograph your wedding (I can’t overstate how good I am at terrible puns during the family formals) but it’s the next best thing!

So take a look at some of the awesome photographers below and let me know if you think you might be interested!



Originally from Transylvania (it’s real! and it’s in Romania) Alex is a travel enthusiast who also happens to enjoy rollerblading in Golden Gate park, skiing in Lake Tahoe, taking in a coffee at al fresco cafes (just strikes me as being so European) and making some beautiful photos of people on mountain tops.

Russell and Alex have worked together on dozens of weddings. Alex excels in low light and never shys away from some moody cliffside portraits.
You can take a look at her work by clicking the link below.

Alex’s Portfolio


Originally from Central Mexico, Oscar is a techie at heart and an outdoorsman in his, ummm, hiking boots(?). He’s the biggest sweetieheart you’ve ever met, loving father of two and a complete gearhead (means he knows a lot about photography equipment).

Russell and Oscar started in professional photography together back in 2009. Oscar is an amazing fashion and landscape photographer and beautifully melds these two loves into his wedding work.

You can take a look at some of his photos by clicking the link below.

Oscar’s Portfolio


Note: Packages start at just $2,500 for full wedding coverage!