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RUSS LEVI PHOTOGRAPHY is a husband and wife team made up of Russ + Alex. We believe in beautiful-rich-vibrant-uniquely-authentic wedding photography that display BOLD LOVE in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, all over California and anywhere there’s beautiful light

Russ + Alex have been photographing weddings since 2009 and yes, this is our full-time job. We love weddings for their logistical and lighting challenges, and that every part of the day is like a different genre of photography. We love them for their emotion and intimacy, for their grandeur and power…and I love them for their love <3

We live in Sonoma County Wine Country and are particularly fond of weddings in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties


We have an adorable baby named Levi who possesses eyes with the power to melt hearts. And for some confusion, the LEVI in Russ LEVI Photography is actually from Russell’s middle name (little known fact – our last name is actually Edwards!). He’s had the company name for over a decade and refused to give it up when Alex joined forces with him. So just to be clear – we did not name our baby “Levi Levi”.


When not on photoshoots or doting over little Levi we spend our free time, traveling, eating at as many restaurants as we possibly can, SUPing on the Russian River, visiting wineries with friends, biking around Petaluma (where we live), as well as hiking the North Bay’s beautiful rugged coasts, verdant hills, and towering redwood forests

About RUSS

Let’s see here…I’m originally from San Diego and I’m an ambivert

I love spontaneous dance parties, standup shows at the Punch Line, terrible puns, trail running, an Old Fashioned at Local Edition, reading atlases, eating pizza at Golden Boy, trivia night, listening to 99% Invisible, rewatching the first 7 seasons of the Office and Seinfeld (they’re garbage when Michael and Larry David leave IMHO), pretending like I know how to do home repairs, eating vanilla ice cream (still the best flavor) with olive oil and sea salt, and everything and anything fun and quirky and irreverent.

If you feel like geeking out with me on a topic, your best bet after photography equipment is probably going to be music. In my youth I played guitar in a few punk/post-rock bands and was the program director of my college radio station.

My background is in international relations – not photography – and I’m completely fascinated by different cultures and travel and languages. I’m fluent in Spanish and even know a little Romanian, Italian, and Portuguese. One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is getting to appreciate so many of the amazing cultures and traditions humanity has to offer

I smile when I’m taking photos and am a happy camper when looking at beautiful places and things 😀

About ALEX

I’m originally from a city in Transilvania (it’s a real place!)  you’ve never heard of – but I’ve been living in the US for over 20 years. I was drawn to the skiing opportunities in Colorado where I originally moved, but ultimately the call of California was too strong. First I came for the beautiful weather and spits of Southern California sand in Laguna Beach (we still travel there a few times a year) and then to cosmopolitan/quirky San Francisco and finally to our beloved Sonoma County.

I love to make abstract paintings and do home projects – especially interior decorating and growing our own food (although I’m definitely in need of any advice when it comes to gardening). I also enjoy host parties and get-togethers but my Romanian upbringing dictates that I cook all of the food and make all of the drinks for everyone, so if we ever have you over don’t expect me to leave the kitchen 😛

I also have a slight travel addiction and even insisted that our baby Levi got a passport when he was just 2 weeks old (he’s been to 5 countries by the time he turned 8 months). I live to get lost in new places, and prefer to have no plan when I do. I’m the girl who shows up at 3am in Cairo, with no arrangements or idea of what my next step will be. I’m full of wanderlust and think the world is a magical place we should all make an effort to discover.

…but enough about us – we want to hear about you! You can shoot either (or both) of us an email directly | RUSS@RUSSLEVI.COMALEX@RUSSLEVI.COM

or to get into our client management system to ease future communication and ensure that we’re available use our handy CONTACT FORM