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Reading is hard – so here’s a sentence written in the third-person to sum me up:

“RUSS LEVI is an irreverent guy who just so happens to create beautiful-rich-vibrant-uniquely-authentic wedding photography in and around the Bay Area, all over California and anywhere there’s beautiful light”

I’ve been photographing weddings since 2009 and yes, this is my full-time job. I love weddings for their logistical and lighting challenges, and that every part of the day is like a different genre of photography. I love them for their emotion and intimacy, for their grandeur and power…and I love them for their love <3

I grew up in San Diego, but I live in the quirky/historical town of Petaluma in the diverse/pleasant Sonoma County Wine Country in a house where my wedding-photographer-wife (Alexandrina Owens) and I fancy ourselves as novice interior decorators and botanists

Let’s see here…I’m an ambivert (ie have both introverted and extroverted tendencies), with some pretty serious vampire teeth (spent a good stint of childhood believing myself to be one), and the only food I don’t care for is raw tomatoes (although, my favorite drink is a bloody mary…so figure that one out)…and I’m infatuated with ellipsis and parentheticals (could you tell?)



Did you know that having something and someone to LOVE makes you live longer? Seems like an important thing

Despite my irreverence, there are a lot of things that I care about. I love my family, wife, friends, and forest of avocado trees that I grew from pit

I love traveling to exotic lands, spontaneous dance parties, standup shows at the Punch Line, SUPing on the Russian River, terrible puns, making art in my garage, hiking in the redwoods, an Old Fashioned at Local Edition, making maps out of screws, riding bikes along bodies of water, eating pizza at Golden Boy, geography at trivia night, listening to 99% Invisible, rewatching the first 7 seasons of the Office (it’s garbage when Michael leaves IMHO), pretending like I know how to do home repairs, eating vanilla ice cream (still the best flavor) with olive oil and sea salt, swinging on top of Mount Tam, recording nerdy photography podcasts (The Maximalist!), and everything and anything fun




Family is pretty important to me too

Below you can see my mom and sister (both insta-famous!) and my dad (we still do an outdoor adventure trip every year…despite him being in his 70s)



I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to roughly a quarter of all the world’s countries, 6 continents and I even kinda/sorta lived in Italy, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Hong Kong

My Master’s degree is actually in International Relations – and I’m fluent in Spanish and even know a little Italian and Portuguese

I’m passionately in love with the Bay Area and California in general and spend my free time seeing all of our beautiful coastline, deserts, mountains, and trees

I will go absolutely anywhere in the name of life-affirming landscapes, good light and humanitarian photography project

If you’d like to look at/purchase some of my prints take a look here: PRINTS




I can also really dig on some art, possibly from when I used to live a short walk from the Uffizi. When traveling I enjoy going to galleries and  spending waaaayyyy too long wandering around museums. I’m a particularly big fan of Caravaggio and Bernini as well as some Mexican muralists, but am equally amazed at contemporary and indigenous artists from basically everywhere

Personally, I do a little contemporary painting, metal map making, linocuts, and watercolors. I also used to play “music” in punk/post-rock bands and was the program director of my college radio station – ie I would love to geek out on music with you if that’s your scene

Art feeds my soul

…but enough about me – I want to hear about you! You can shoot me a direct email | RUSS@RUSSLEVI.COM

…or to get into my client management system to ease future communication and ensure that I’m available for your event I have the following CONTACT FORM