Gardener Ranch | Carmel Valley

Wedding Venue: Gardener Ranch | Carmel Valley CA

Coordinator/Planner: E Events Co

Second Photographer: Alexandrina Owens Photography

My friends, this is such a rare occurrence…I’m writing a blog! Remember blogs? They were all the rage last decade, which brings me to the part where I talk about how this wedding was my last wedding of the freakin’ decade! And what a wedding it was. I mean, aside from being at the lovely Gardener Ranch in beautiful Carmel Valley and getting to hang out with Eileen of E Events Co (check her out!) it also had smoke bombs and a sparkler entrance, plus a bunch of awesome ceremonies that I’ve never even seen before…but honestly y’all, just check out what a lovely group of people this was (what couple meets while on tour with a major popstar? Answer:  gloriously wonderful people who have equally joyous/lovely friends and families).

Weddings are amazing and I pretty much love every single one that I shoot (or attend for that matter), but this one was just one of those life-affirming ones – like “wow, I’m so happy I do what I do” sort of weddings.

Take a look at the photos…or don’t…but it’s your loss 😛 Oh, and happy 2020 Let’s make some magic.


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