Point Reyes | CA

As noted in Part 1 – these two hepcats aren’t engaged. They’re just a couple. Couples sometimes get their photos taken for no other reason than that they care about each other and want to remember their lives as they are in this particular moment. In fact, more couples should do it 😀

In Part 2 of this series I will say that we got exceedingly lucky. After our intimate interior session it was raining pretty hard but we decided that we were going to head to beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore despite el niño. By the time we made it to Nicasio it had dried up a bit, and when we made it to Point Reyes the clouds parted and we couldn’t believe how spectacular it was. One of those moments where it’s just impossible to properly describe the feeling and awe that both the situation and environment have produced.

We only had less than an hour by the time we made it to the rolling green hills and free grazing cattle in this magical spot – but it really was incredible. These are just a sampling of the images and I wish it was acceptable to make this post 8 times as long to fit all of the photos I wanted to use.

And as alway…enjoy


Note: All of the images are my own, but Alexandrina of Alexandrina Owens Photography was there too. You should check out her posts as well: http://alexandrinaowens.com

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