San Francisco | CA

So first thing’s first – these two hepcats aren’t engaged. They’re just a couple. It’s cool if couples get their photos taken too, for no other reason than that they care about each other and want to remember their lives as they are in this particular moment. In fact, more couples should do it 😀

And second thing – they are just an awesome couple. We ended up just hanging out for the better part of the day. In Part 1 of this series it was raining so we just sort of hung out in their apartments. It was simple, intimate, adorable, and fun all at the same time.

In addition to more people doing Couple’s Sessions I also feel like more people should get photos taken inside of their homes. It’s got my favorite thing: authenticity. And make no mistake – it can be just as beautiful as some epic landscapes or crazy urban scenes.

And as alway…enjoy


Note: All of the images are my own, but Alexandrina of Alexandrina Owens Photography was there too. You should check out her posts as well:

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