Bernal Heights | CA

Location: Bernal Heights, San Francisco, CA

So I’m breaking in my new website with these two lovely/brave/joyous people. The prospect of rain did not dissuade them from getting into some pretty serious Indian garb and climbing up a big ol’ hill just south of San Francisco’s Mission District. They were rewarded with lots of green grass, beautiful light and just super deluxe views of downtown San Francisco. And I was rewarded with a couple who absolutely delights in each other’s company. It was really beautiful.

Only had to run and hide (and then pull the covers up over my head) from the rain for just a minute. Pretty sure my equipment still works…

And as always – thank you to the lovely Alexandrina Owens of for assisting on this stormy day <3160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-139160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-183160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-204160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-303160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-331160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-400 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-405 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-411 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-505 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-546 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-558160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-610 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-639 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-678 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-708 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-731 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-908160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-920 160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-921160312-RussLevi_NandiniShyam-911