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Russell is a fine art wedding photographer who thinks you’re the bee’s knees

He also thinks that you’re the cat’s pajamas


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Engagement: Pirate + Mermaid

Pirate + Mermaid Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first. In my many years as a photographer, I have never been so astounded as I was a few days ago. I found a pirate washed ashore on the San Francisco Bay. Yes, you heard me right: a veritable pirate, of the...

Engagement: Alice + Andrew

So, I will start this by saying that I actually know Alice and Andrew. I went to grad school with Andrew and during the time I learned a valuable lesson. Namely, that Andrew is one of my favorite people, and like ever. And I’m not a fan of saying things just to say...

Engagement: Amy + Pierre

Amy and Pierre-Yves are glowingly radiantly sparkling people. They just give off that energy that says “these kids are going to be alright”…Ya know what I mean? Amy is a San Francisco native (and in case you were wondering, Pierre-Yves is indeed French) and as such,...

Commercial: Brooklyn Tailors

Brooklyn Tailors is cool. It’s not a façade of hipness. It’s a deep biting cool (not sure what that means, but roll with me). It’s straight-up elegant men’s fashion based out of Williamsburg New York. You can read about them from a more credible source than myself in...


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My name is Russell and I still make funny faces in photos.

I’m also a photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits and fine art. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and travel all over California in the name of photography and I treat San Diego as a local market. FYI.

I’m a big fan of visiting foreign lands and sampling their ice cream. I think you’re highly intelligent for taking the effort to read this sentence, and hope you like my images.

Send me a message if you like what you see, or you want to chat, or have a question, but also if you wear socks, or live in a tree, or wish your parents had signed you up for piano lessons when you were a kid.

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